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Integral Senior Living CEO Collette Gray talks about ISL’s leadership priorities and company culture

ISL is a company where 12 “culture keepers” rule the day. Collette Gray, president and CEO of Integral Senior Living and Solstice Senior Living, sat down with The San Diego Union-Tribune to discuss what makes ISL different from other companies.

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There’s so much to be thankful for at Integral Senior Living

During this season of gratitude, Integral Senior Living is reminded of all the dedication that our associates, residents and their families give to each other and their communities that allow for our senior communities to thrive year-round. 

We are entering into a blissful season to spend time with family and create memories with those in our community, while we reflect on all of the moments from our past. It is a time to assess accomplishments that we have made over the last year, and recognize how we’ve moved forward despite the challenges faced. It’s also a time to create goals and aspirations, both as communities and as individuals for the upcoming year. 

No matter the season at Integral Senior Living, we are committed to providing you with a remarkable senior living experience.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that food is a big part of the tradition when gathering with friends and family. Our senior living communities offer Elevate® dining, a traditional culinary experience that transforms every dining experience into a celebration. Our chefs are dedicated to spicing up your  meals for the holidays, and will offer one of your very own family recipes. We are committed to carrying out your family traditions in your community year-round, and especially during the holiday season. If you’ve been craving that old pecan pie recipe that you enjoyed at every Thanksgiving dinner, we welcome you to share it with us, so that our skillful chefs can bring your traditions into our community.

Allow the fun to continue even after you’re done gathering around the table. Most of our residents have activities or hobbies that inspire, engage and add fun to their daily lives. Our Vibrant Life® signature program goes above and beyond to help all of our residents bring their passions to life. No hobbies or interests come to mind? We’ve got you covered! Whether you have a dream of skydiving or simply want a quiet place to paint or play games with friends, we have a Vibrant Life® director who can help make sure you have everything you need.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the food and fun with those you love. We wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Covid continues to inform the future of dining

At Integral Senior Living, new properties are designed to feature dining spaces that appeal to residents as well as their families. Rooftop bars and exhibition kitchens are intended to both draw residents into community spaces to socialize with each other and to entice their family and friends to come visit.

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Assisted living? Memory care? Senior living services explained

Senior living has changed rapidly in the last few years. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. Now senior living communities across the country are tasked with providing not only topnotch care, but care that fits each resident’s unique needs. Generally, there are three main types of services that senior living communities offer: Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care.

At ISL, we can serve as a resource to help you make the decision to move to senior living, and help you determine what services you or your loved one needs. We know the process can be overwhelming, so let us help you every step of the way!

Independent Living

Independent Living is best for people who can still live independently but want to enjoy amenities and live life without the burden of chores like maintaining a yard or home, housekeeping, and laundry. They will also have access to care, if needed.

How ISL helps: ISL’s independent living communities are ideal for seniors looking for a carefree, vibrant environment that encourages simplicity and pursuing activities that mean the most to you. Whether you’re looking to travel, volunteer in your community or visit with family, independent living at ISL strives to make life easy and pleasant.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is best for people who need some level of medical and personal assistance in their day-to-day lives. This is a great option for people who are no longer able to live alone but may not need 24/7 care.

How ISL helps: Our Assisted Living program is designed to help you live a vibrant life by connecting with the people and community around you. As needs and plans may change, our staff is readily available to help you or your loved one. We center our care around each resident’s specific needs, assisting them with daily tasks while encouraging their independence.

Memory Care

Memory Care provides a more structured environment and is best for residents who may have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

How ISL helps: With specially designed and dedicated Alzheimer’s and memory care accommodations like our Generations Memory Care program, ISL ensures the comfort and security of your loved one. Communities have on-site resident care professionals who are always there to oversee the administration of medications, as well as other basic care needs.

No matter what your specific needs are, ISL is a perfect fit. You can learn which services our ISL communities offer in your area here. Schedule a tour and learn how our communities could be your perfect new home!

Integral Senior Living CEO Collette Gray moderates panel of female senior living executives

Collette Gray, president and CEO of Integral Senior Living and Solstice Senior Living, moderated a panel of female executives at a Tuesday afternoon session during the 2021 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo. The panel discussed how the pandemic challenged the senior living industry to a degree not experienced before.

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A thank you to our community members, associates and more for your efforts

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many new challenges to our community members, associates,
families and loved ones. As we continuously experienced ever-changing protocols, we, as a community,
did not lose hope. Together, we took every new turn and twist in stride, to ensure that our residents
continued to have the best senior living experience.

Our associates have done an incredible job easing fears about the virus and helping protect our
residents and their families. Not only did they continue to provide topnotch care, but they reimagined
what it means to work in the senior living care industry.

Now that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the team at ISL would like to thank you and
your families for your patience and for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to protect yourself and those in
our community. Your efforts to get vaccinated and follow protocols will protect our vulnerable
populations as we move forward toward normalcy.

We have celebrated incredible occupancy growth across the ISL family, but we are not done yet. In the
past eight months, we’ve added 17 new communities to our portfolio, and we have many more planned
for 2021. ISL is stronger than ever, and our growth is a blessing compared to the last year and a half of
challenges we’ve faced.

Thank you to each and every one of you and your family members for your continuous dedication to ISL.
We are looking forward to watching our family of communities continue to grow as our associates and
caregivers work together to change lives and provide exceptional care.