B. Schilz

Selecting a management company to entrust your community is key to its success. In 2006, after almost 3 years of languishing results with another management company at the helm, we made the choice to switch over to Integral Senior Living Management, LLC and their more than capable team of professionals. Within three months, the morale at our community was up, the occupancy had increased by close to 10% and our financials were improving daily.

We’ve now been with ISL for almost 11 years and we are enjoying occupancy levels in the mid 90 percentiles and the programs they have put in place are continuing to motivate our staff and stimulate our residents. Their Vibrant Life Program has been instrumental in helping keep the “back door” closed and residents are feeling valued and appreciated. The ISL Regional Vice Presidents who are charged with operations, marketing and resident care are supportive of the on-site management team and responsive to their needs as well as those of ownership.

I can highly recommend the team at ISL to bring the latest advancements in senior care, technology and critically needed support to your management team if your goal is to have a highly successful senior community.

B. SchilzManaging Partner