D. Simon

It may sound overly simplistic, or even unsophisticated, to say that an operator’s success depends critically upon the quality and integrity of its culture. However, based on my experience for over 10 years asset managing a variety of communities operated by ISL, I firmly believe their exceptional performance has resulted directly and disproportionately from their inclusive, collaborative, positive and infectious culture and leadership’s ability to introduce, replicate, nurture, preserve and protect its culture within its communities.

Naturally, their strong nuts and bolts operations, marketing and care skills and systems have been critical to their success, but it’s their culture – their secret sauce – that’s so significantly elevated this success. I’ve witnessed time and again how this culture has established optimism and confidence among challenged teams, attracted high quality regional and community leaders and staff, earned the trust and respect of family members and professional referral sources, inspired, energized and satisfied residents and driven impressive bottom line results.

From an asset manager’s perspective, high occupancy, strong margins, impressive and sustained NOI growth, accountability, asset preservation and maintenance, and liability-mitigating practices are essential goals. ISL understands that to meaningfully satisfy these goals, they must operate in a manner that honors, promotes and appropriately addresses the sometimes disparate interests of their three key constituents: residents, employees and investors. Doing so can be a very difficult balance to strike but, much more so than I’ve seen from other operators I’ve worked with, ISL does so very well and even makes it look easy.

I believe it’s their exceptional culture, their secret sauce, that allows them to so consistently and impressively succeed.

D. SimonPartner