Pamela Dill

Confucius once said, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ These are words that truthfully resonate how I feel about working for Integral Senior Living. Integral Senior Living embodies their core values and company culture. I have worked for ISL for over a decade, and I enjoy coming to work every day! ISL provides me the tools to become successful, as they value teamwork with their expertise to produce results! Working for ISL has allowed me to discover my calling, as well as my strengths to work smarter, not harder. ISL has a dedicated and professional management team to provide exceptional support to ensure communities are thriving and performing well. ISL’s flexibility has allowed me to provide solutions to problems within our communities, and I strive to become a positive advocate for change, as new innovations are being introduced. I am very fortunate and honored to work at ISL and am proud to be part of an amazing company.

Pamela DillTransitional Operations DirectorIntegral Senior Living/Solstice Senior Living