Shana Robertson

I discovered Integral Senior Living at time when I was jaded and skeptical as a result of working with other senior living companies over the past 15 years where the caliber of leadership and the existence of great culture were underwhelming. My first ever interaction with folks from ISL was at my interview for an Executive Director position. The ladies from the regional leadership team were very lively and enthusiastic about ISL’s motivating, upbeat, and uncompromising positive culture above anything else discussed during our conversation. I remember thinking, “Could this really be real?” Soon after, I accepted the offer and began what I refer to as my “adventure” with ISL. Over the past 2 years, I admit, I have kept waiting for a hitch or a glitch in the whole ISL experience to go downhill, and it just has not. Leadership in senior living is my only skill, it is my professional passion-it’s all I know and it’s all I ever want to do, and with the amazing mission, vision, values, and VIBRANT culture of ISL lighting the way, I look forward to a wonderful relationship with ISL into the future.

Shana RobertsonSenior Executive Director