Pamela Dill

Confucius once said, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ These are words that truthfully resonate how I feel about working for Integral Senior Living. Integral Senior Living embodies their core values and company culture. I have worked for ISL for over a decade, and I enjoy coming to work every day! ISL provides me the tools to become successful, as they value teamwork with their expertise to produce results! Working for ISL has allowed me to discover my calling, as well as my strengths to work smarter, not harder. ISL has a dedicated and professional management team to provide exceptional support to ensure communities are thriving and performing well. ISL’s flexibility has allowed me to provide solutions to problems within our communities, and I strive to become a positive advocate for change, as new innovations are being introduced. I am very fortunate and honored to work at ISL and am proud to be part of an amazing company.

Jennifer Kornmann, CDAL

I have had the good fortune of being in a position of leadership as an executive director in the senior housing industry for close to 20 years. Having worked for numerous operators, I can say without hesitation that ISL is the most supportive, forward-thinking, positive culture-promoting company I have ever worked for. My experience these past six years has been an absolute pleasure. Not only do they provide a comprehensive roadmap of policy and programs that can be utilized by all their various communities, but they possess the diversity, flexibility, expertise and resources that support each location in meeting the needs of their particular residents and being the community of choice in the markets they serve.

Israel Regus

Working with Solstice has been an amazing experience. They truly make you feel that you are
working with them, not for them. The amount of support and encouragement that is given and
keeping to their culture have made my experience here exceptional. I am so glad that I have
been given the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people. I look forward to a
long work experience with Solstice.

Liana Foote

Since joining ISL in early 2018, I have not been happier. As an executive director for ISL, you get respect, trust, support, transparency and autonomy. The culture is phenomenal! The leadership team is fun and approachable, and I have liked everyone I’ve met. ISL strives for operational excellence, and the programming is thoughtful, outstanding and inspiring. I feel as though I’ve gained a family, and I look forward to many years at ISL.

Margaret J. Kleinmann

Having a fulfilling career is what everyone desires in their chosen profession. Most driven
professionals plan, create and build teams to surround themselves with the best in their fields.

In elder care and geriatrics, I have had great opportunities to learn and grow working alongside professionals I grew to admire. It is without exaggeration that Solstice Senior Living has exceeded my expectations by keeping their promises of inclusion, teamwork and energy to establish community cultures to be proud of from top to bottom. Our positivity and teamwork strategy are second to none. Our dedicated support center, community executive directors and regional managers all give 110% working together for our residents who call Solstice HOME. We don’t just preach a positive, inviting culture mantra; we live it. Our culture is something we breathe in each of our communities. What a gift to join a company led by professionals who understand that honor! I couldn’t be prouder of our company, teamwork and successes caring for elders who choose to live in our communities. I feel surrounded by the support of my superiors and lead my community operations team to an unwavering goal of competence with compassion.

Lisa Hunt

I have worked for three different management groups since starting my career in the senior assisted living industry in 2005. Working for a community managed by ISL since 2012 has by far been my most inspiring and productive season to date. The ISL culture has created opportunities for growth and has allowed me to identify and use my strengths to exceed the expectations of my owners and better the lives of my residents, families, and staff.

Steve Spira

I have worked for ISL for over four years and from the moment I began have been treated with the greatest respect. It is an absolute pleasure coming to work each day and working with such wonderful people. From the Regional team, Directors, Culinary Staff, Med Tech’s, Housekeepers, Maintenance and Caregivers, everyone is so professional. In all my years working for many company’s I have never experienced the feeling I have each day coming to work with ISL. A true success story in the Assisted Living Community. I look to work here for many years to come.

Shana Robertson

I discovered Integral Senior Living at time when I was jaded and skeptical as a result of working with other senior living companies over the past 15 years where the caliber of leadership and the existence of great culture were underwhelming. My first ever interaction with folks from ISL was at my interview for an Executive Director position. The ladies from the regional leadership team were very lively and enthusiastic about ISL’s motivating, upbeat, and uncompromising positive culture above anything else discussed during our conversation. I remember thinking, “Could this really be real?” Soon after, I accepted the offer and began what I refer to as my “adventure” with ISL. Over the past 2 years, I admit, I have kept waiting for a hitch or a glitch in the whole ISL experience to go downhill, and it just has not. Leadership in senior living is my only skill, it is my professional passion-it’s all I know and it’s all I ever want to do, and with the amazing mission, vision, values, and VIBRANT culture of ISL lighting the way, I look forward to a wonderful relationship with ISL into the future.

Tim Batton

I have been an Executive Director for over a decade in the assisted living industry. I have worked for the largest provider in the United States and I have also worked for small family owned local providers. My experience with ISL has been an absolute pleasure the past 3 years. ISL is large enough to provide exceptional support and small enough to have the personal touch to allow nimble flexibility at the resident level to truly tailor service delivery to my residents. Each ISL location is allowed to meet the needs of their residents while having the support of exceptional best practices that have proven to be effective.

Charlotte Grimes

It is absolutely refreshing to work for a company who follows their stated values. The support we receive from our regional team is very appreciated as well as imperative to the operation of our communities. Integral Senior Living is passionate, driven, and full of life, which is shown in the smiles and laughter that fill our communities.