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Vibrant Life® is an innovative approach designed for enhancing and enriching residents’ lives across seven core components for well-rounded and meaningful experiences. These core components provide the balanced structure for implementing diversity across the Vibrant Life® program. Just as in the tag line for the program, “Be Vibrant. Be You,” the core components take the active label of “Be …” in each title descriptor for emphasis on action by our residents embracing a truly Vibrant Life®.

The seven core components for the Vibrant Life® program

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Mission Statement

“To optimize health and well-being by passionately promoting a Vibrant Life filled with joyful experience, meaningful endeavors, and abundant opportunities to connect with family, friends and the local community.”

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Be Inspired

This is a core element designed to combine feelings, imagination and thoughts while enjoying deeply meaningful experiences. Inspiration feeds the soul and proves to be a motivational force within oneself and in others. This also encompasses an opportunity for gaining a deeper sense of spirituality; and since that means different things to different people, Be Inspired strives to celebrate the diversity of beliefs our residents share.

Be Well

True holistic wellness energizes both the mind and the body. Intellectual stimulation can be as important to overall wellness as staying active and moving is for physical well-being and health. This wellness concept isn’t limited to fitness, but includes healthy eating choices and Dining by Design for optimal nutrition. Be Well is such an important core element of Vibrant Life® that two Signature Programs fall under this element.

Be Challenged

Taking on new challenges and reaching for new personal heights foster an overall sense of fulfillment. Sometimes simply igniting a healthy competitive spirit challenges residents to bring out their personal best and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Learning, growing and motivating represent key ways in which the core elements of a Vibrant Life® can overlap, such as Be Challenged and Be Inspired.

Be Adventurous

Frequently people get stuck in routines without experiencing all that life has to offer. Be Adventurous seeks ways of exposing residents to trying new things in a safe setting. This opportunity for expanding their horizons while exploring and savoring unique experiences allows residents to reach personal milestones with a sense of achievement. Presenting a chance at learning new things every day may be as simple as embracing technology and enjoying favorite experiences in a new and varied format.

Be Family

Sharing and continuing meaningful family traditions is a cornerstone to a Vibrant Life®. Finding ways of celebrating togetherness within the context of special traditions fosters a deeper sense of family in a community. Community living expands the family circle, creating additional opportunities for cherishing important connections. Family bonds strengthen as personal histories and memorable moments are shared with new family members.

Be Social

A Vibrant Life® should be about having fun as much as anything else. Developing worthwhile friendships and embracing camaraderie is crucial to celebrating the moments in life worth sharing. Talking, laughing and listening with good friends lends to a rewarding social life.

Be Connected

Remaining connected to the greater community at large is a core element to a Vibrant Life®. Connections range from fostering advocacy for causes to opportunities at intergenerational engagement. Residents’ accomplished experiences lend immense expertise to local groups and organizations, providing a meaningful outlet for contributing to society. Finding ways of conducting community outreach and supporting local charitable endeavors allow residents and families to Be Connected.

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