Cathy Battles

Cathy Battles, vice president of Human Resources, has more than 12 years of experience
working in the senior housing industry. Before joining ISL, Cathy developed a strong background in office
management and payroll services. Prior to becoming a certified Professional in Human Resources, Cathy
joined the ISL team as a payroll specialist. Cathy obtained her Human Resources certificate from
California State University–San Marcos in 2009. She also obtained her Professional in Human Resources
designation in 2009. Increasing her knowledge and responsibilities, she has had several promotions
during her tenure, including HR director, senior HR director and regional VP of HR.
Through her knowledge of state and federal laws, she guides and manages her assigned communities in
maintaining and following compliance in all areas of human resources. Cathy’s ability to seek
understanding allows her to remain calm in all situations to meet the needs of the owners, communities
and employees simultaneously. This has proved to be an incredible asset for employee relations.