Brain Exercise in the Winter

Brain Exercise in the Winter

Taking part in an activity that is fun and thought provoking improves a senior’s quality of life. Many studies support the connection between lifestyle and dementia risk- finding that following a brain-healthy lifestyle and performing regular, targeted brain exercises can also increase a brain’s cognitive reserve.

In the cold often dreary days of winter getting some good mental stimulation can often mean indoor activity- and that means for many crossword puzzles! Solid research supports that doing crosswords puzzles helps in many ways including:

  1. Prevent Dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association recommends picking up the crossword habit to help stave off dementia.
  2. Verbal Skills Improve
  3. Solve Problems with Practice
  4. Identify Patterns
  5. Trivia Buffs- get happy

Here is a link to a website with free large print crossword puzzles older adults will appreciate.

Of course there are also crossword puzzles found in daily newspapers and countless books that are all about crossword puzzles. If the senior in your life loves a good brain challenge, engage with them in good crossword puzzles!