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Integral Senior Living manages senior living properties it’s our business. Everything about our company is designed to promote the profitability of your senior living projects by prioritizing quality care for residents and enriching work environments for our associates. 

We treat our third-party-managed properties with experience and expertise as if they are our own. Our dedicated regional teams, state-of-the-art systems and company culture promote targeted goals. 


Senior Living Community Operations Management

Integral Senior Living is dedicated to the development and operation of successful residential living environments for senior adults. We are committed to working with clients and associates who share the values of dignity, autonomy and choice for senior residents. Integral Senior Living operates various models of senior care residential facilities, including independent living, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s/dementia care.

New Developments

The Integral Senior Living team has consulted on more than 300 new senior living development properties in all market types. Proven expertise is translated into effective consultation for all facets of the new development process.
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Our Core Principles

ISL recognizes that seniors seek a unique combination of housing and personalized supportive services. Principles of care are at the forefront of management decisions to ensure an enduring reputation for excellent senior lifestyles. 


  • Management 
  • Environments 
  • Care 
  • Culinary 
  • Maintenance 
  • Human Resources 
  • Accounting  
  • Automation / Business Intelligence 

    Resident Care

    • Foster independence for each resident 
    • Treat each resident with dignity and respect 
    • Promote individuality of each resident 
    • Allow each resident individual choices for care and lifestyle 
    • Protect resident right to privacy 
    • Involve family members and friends for care decisions 

      Success Stories

      The ISL story of success is most poignantly demonstrated in case studies of turnaround and new development projects over recent years, as well as in the testimonials of our residents and their families.
      Era of Heightened Problem Solving/Solution Finding at ISL

      2020 and 2021 will be known as the era of heightened Problem Solving/Solution Finding at ISL. New safety protocols were instituted with lightning-fast speed. PPE, air purifiers, temperature monitors and other safety items were purchased and installed. Ways of interacting with our residents, their families and prospects evolved quickly. Our teams of professionals at each community took the definition of resident care to even higher levels. We experienced loss. We experienced pain. We also experienced resiliency and hope. The overwhelming majority of our residents and associates were kept safe. Our programming changed with the times to keep our residents engaged and active. Our amazing culinary experience became our amazing room service experience. Our family gatherings took on new looks in our visitor verandas outside our communities. In the midst of the pandemic, which will linger with all of us forever, our dedicated associates were also able to OPEN 10, yes 10, new communities. Our teams focused on never stopping being solutions for seniors and their families. People absolutely needed our services, and we were there for them in markets all over the country.

      Opening Strong

      ISL opened a new community in Colorado that has quickly become the area’s new standard in senior living.
      In its first 30 days of operating, it moved residents into 30 units – exceeding its first 30 days’ budget by more than 10 units. The community also reached 50 percent occupancy in less than 90 days of operating, and more than 90 percent occupancy in less than eight months of operating.

      The community had nine straight months of occupancy above 90 percent and 12 straight months of positive net operating income. ISL assisted in securing the land and location after an in-depth market study and market penetration, and has managed the entire community process since before the groundbreaking.

      The executive director credits the atmosphere the team has worked so hard to create for the community’s success. “The culture we’ve developed is one of the main reasons we’re the premier community we are. We make sure we are tailoring what we do with each individual resident, always operating by the principles of our 12 culture-keepers.” “There’s a reason that we’re rated so highly as an assisted living community in our area,” the executive director continued. “We’re just different in how we approach our residents, associates, family members and the community at-large.”

      The community has maintained high occupancy since it achieved occupancy above 90 percent. ISL launched Phase II of the community, which broke ground in early 2018.

      Successful from the Beginning

      ISL opened a new, custom-built senior living community in East Tennessee that has been nothing but successful since opening its doors. ISL assisted in securing the land and exact location after an in-depth market study and market penetration, and has managed the entire community process since before the groundbreaking.

      In the first 30 days after opening, the community exceeded its initial goal in occupancy by more than 25 units, achieving 50 percent occupancy in less than 90 days of operating and more than 90 percent occupancy in less than eight months of operating.

      Driving the community’s success has been the quality leadership team that ISL assembled. The great work done by this group led ISL to promote the community’s executive director to ISL senior executive director.It also led ISL to promote the community’s director of Sales and Marketing to ISL senior director of Sales and Marketing and then a short while later to ISL regional director of Sales and Marketing.

      As with all ISL communities, the culture created by the associates is one of the main reasons for success.“From the leadership down to the community associates, our culture means everything,” said the community’s executive director. “Our residents respond to our inclusive atmosphere, and their families tell us it just feels different from other senior living communities they’ve been to. It’s immediately evident when they walk in here that we truly possess love, kindness and compassion for what we do.”

      The success of the community is also a reflection of the hard work and passion of its associates. “The intangibles are felt by families and guests. This is an emotional experience for many people, so you have to make sure you’re making everyone feel comfortable.”

      Right Side of the Tracks

      A purpose-built property located in the Inland Empire of Southern California had consistently experienced lackluster results for more than three years under management by one the largest senior living companies in the country. The property averaged 65% occupancy and disappointing results. The owners needed relief from low financial returns.

      The owners brought ISL in as the operations management company. ISL quickly identified an unmotivated team. They did not believe in their product and lacked marketing focus. They believed that their property was located on the “wrong side of the tracks” and would never be successful. Turnaround was initiated by infusing the team with confidence and passion for their product and service to residents.

      With a marketing focus, the team consistently achieved above 95% occupancy. That focus also identified opportunity to convert one wing of the property to memory care, which closed the back door to residents seeking higher levels of care.

      The Inland Empire area was heavily hit by the recession. The community has experienced a much softer market. However, flexibility for expanding the memory care wing due to demand in the market, creative marketing strategies and a dynamic approach in operations, the community has continued to sustain success.

      Today the property consistently averages $100,000 net operating income each month. Applying an 8-cap, the property value has increased from $3.5 million in 2003 to $11.6 million.

      Implementing Changes

      A 156-unit assisted living and memory care community was transitioned to ISL management by a group that had just closed on the acquisition.  Upon taking over management, opportunities for change were quickly identified and action plans were launched.  We identified and implemented changes that were needed to position the community for long term success.   The quality improvements were vast and included new community leadership, expense management, census development, associate morale and training, resident care assessments, policies and procedures.  The community was re-branded and went through a major re-model which was completed in the middle of the following year.

      ISL successfully repositioned the community from its very negative reputation in the broader community and during our management grew census to 96.2 % occupancy from 80.8% the previous year.  With the ISL systems implemented and dedicated support by each discipline of the ISL regional team, in less than 2 years the community was sold for $60 million at a sub 5 cap rate.

      To The Rescue

      A large, mostly Independent Living community in Northern California had been open for approximately 18 months and was 29% occupied and operating at a negative NOI margin.  The owners needed relief and decided to bring in Integral Senior Living (ISL) as the operations management company.

      There was not a single move-in for about six months prior to our management.  As a result, before engaging ISL, the Owner had decided that a move-in motivator would be to offer life time rate locks to prospective residents.  We were able to stop this practice soon after taking over management, effectively demonstrating to the Owner the negative, long term implications to revenue, while implementing sales and marketing methods that were more effective in driving traffic and move-in activity, as well as increasing revenue/unit.

      In addition to being a large community in a small market, the community opened offering only independent living and memory care services.  We quickly identified an opportunity to add assisted living services to drive more traffic and move in’s, as well as retain IL residents when their care needs required a move to assisted living.

      The final piece was to get the right leadership team in place to effectively lead the charge with the changes in a cohesive and effective manner.   Under ISL guidance, the team has evolved into a strong unit that is reflected in the higher quality of services to the residents and greatly improved revenue and expense management.

      After one year under ISL management, census had increased by 43 units (a 60% incremental increase)  and the community reported a 27% NOI margin.  By year end 2014, census had increased to a total of 232 units at 99% occupied with a NOI margin of 50%.

      Today the property delivers over $500,000 net operating income each month.

      A Rally for Targeted Results

      ISL took over management of three underperforming properties and a development project all located in Northern California.  With the decision to transition the properties to ISL management, a rally for targeted results was immediately launched.   Operating expense reduction opportunities were identified and implemented while sales efforts were revamped to drive both census and revenue.   Our team led the charge to get all operations in place during the construction of the development project and successfully opened the new community the next year.

      Although the buildings went through many changes over the years, one constant remained; key decisions for each property were made by the Leadership and ISL Regional Teams at those buildings.   These teams were allowed to implement ideas that would help build and sustain census and revenue.  Their knowledge of the competitors, market conditions and professional environment in their market area were the key driving factors guiding decisions.  ISL played a critical role supporting the community teams in implementing ideas and giving the guidance and framework necessary to be successful.

      ISL’s leadership brought a true Sales and Service Culture to these properties.  Every associate was made aware of their role in the sales process.  Their day to day responsibilities geared toward creating a warm and welcoming environment for anyone who walked through the door.  With ISL’s guidance and support over the last seven years, these communities consistently reported strong occupancy and NOI margins, thereby significantly driving business value for ownership.  The communities were sold for $173 million.  At the time of the sale, the portfolio reported average occupancy of 90% with an average NOI margin of 43%.

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