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At ISL we are proud of our record of success with happy clients.

I have worked for three different management groups since starting my career in the senior assisted living industry in 2005. Working for a community managed by ISL since 2012 has by far been my most inspiring and productive season to date. The ISL culture has created opportunities for growth and has allowed me to identify and use my strengths to exceed the expectations of my owners and better the lives of my residents, families, and staff.

Lisa Hunt, CDALSenior Executive Director

I have worked for ISL for over four years and from the moment I began have been treated with the greatest respect. It is an absolute pleasure coming to work each day and working with such wonderful people. From the Regional team, Directors, Culinary Staff, Med Tech’s, Housekeepers, Maintenance and Caregivers, everyone is so professional. In all my years working for many company’s I have never experienced the feeling I have each day coming to work with ISL. A true success story in the Assisted Living Community. I look to work here for many years to come.

Steve SpiraSenior Executive Director

I discovered Integral Senior Living at time when I was jaded and skeptical as a result of working with other senior living companies over the past 15 years where the caliber of leadership and the existence of great culture were underwhelming. My first ever interaction with folks from ISL was at my interview for an Executive Director position. The ladies from the regional leadership team were very lively and enthusiastic about ISL’s motivating, upbeat, and uncompromising positive culture above anything else discussed during our conversation. I remember thinking, “Could this really be real?” Soon after, I accepted the offer and began what I refer to as my “adventure” with ISL. Over the past 2 years, I admit, I have kept waiting for a hitch or a glitch in the whole ISL experience to go downhill, and it just has not. Leadership in senior living is my only skill, it is my professional passion-it’s all I know and it’s all I ever want to do, and with the amazing mission, vision, values, and VIBRANT culture of ISL lighting the way, I look forward to a wonderful relationship with ISL into the future.

Shana RobertsonSenior Executive Director

I have been an Executive Director for over a decade in the assisted living industry. I have worked for the largest provider in the United States and I have also worked for small family owned local providers. My experience with ISL has been an absolute pleasure the past 3 years. ISL is large enough to provide exceptional support and small enough to have the personal touch to allow nimble flexibility at the resident level to truly tailor service delivery to my residents. Each ISL location is allowed to meet the needs of their residents while having the support of exceptional best practices that have proven to be effective.

Tim BattonExecutive Director.

It is absolutely refreshing to work for a company who follows their stated values. The support we receive from our regional team is very appreciated as well as imperative to the operation of our communities. Integral Senior Living is passionate, driven, and full of life, which is shown in the smiles and laughter that fill our communities.

Charlotte GrimesExecutive Director

I have been an ED for 18 years.  ISL brings a fresh and transparent way of managing and leading our properties, allowing us flexibility within our structure to create success.  You can be more entrepreneurial here.  I can always count on my regional team shooting me straight, no mysteries or vague communication here.  We have a high bar of performance, and all the tools and assistance we need to get where we need to be.  The work in any senior living setting is hard enough, here you will find that roadblocks and traditional issues other companies have are much less.  ISL is different and better.



Matt WistreichExecutive Director

Inspirationally.  Strong.  Line-up.


Incredible.  Service to others.  Lasts a lifetime.


ISimply. Love I S L!


Incredibly. Special. Leaders.


Intuitive. Sentimental. Loving.

How some of our Executive Directors describe ISL

It may sound overly simplistic, or even unsophisticated, to say that an operator’s success depends critically upon the quality and integrity of its culture. However, based on my experience for over 10 years asset managing a variety of communities operated by ISL, I firmly believe their exceptional performance has resulted directly and disproportionately from their inclusive, collaborative, positive and infectious culture and leadership’s ability to introduce, replicate, nurture, preserve and protect its culture within its communities.

Naturally, their strong nuts and bolts operations, marketing and care skills and systems have been critical to their success, but it’s their culture – their secret sauce – that’s so significantly elevated this success. I’ve witnessed time and again how this culture has established optimism and confidence among challenged teams, attracted high quality regional and community leaders and staff, earned the trust and respect of family members and professional referral sources, inspired, energized and satisfied residents and driven impressive bottom line results.

From an asset manager’s perspective, high occupancy, strong margins, impressive and sustained NOI growth, accountability, asset preservation and maintenance, and liability-mitigating practices are essential goals. ISL understands that to meaningfully satisfy these goals, they must operate in a manner that honors, promotes and appropriately addresses the sometimes disparate interests of their three key constituents: residents, employees and investors. Doing so can be a very difficult balance to strike but, much more so than I’ve seen from other operators I’ve worked with, ISL does so very well and even makes it look easy.

I believe it’s their exceptional culture, their secret sauce, that allows them to so consistently and impressively succeed.

D. SimonPartner

Selecting a management company to entrust your community is key to its success. In 2006, after almost 3 years of languishing results with another management company at the helm, we made the choice to switch over to Integral Senior Living Management, LLC and their more than capable team of professionals. Within three months, the morale at our community was up, the occupancy had increased by close to 10% and our financials were improving daily.

We’ve now been with ISL for almost 11 years and we are enjoying occupancy levels in the mid 90 percentiles and the programs they have put in place are continuing to motivate our staff and stimulate our residents. Their Vibrant Life Program has been instrumental in helping keep the “back door” closed and residents are feeling valued and appreciated. The ISL Regional Vice Presidents who are charged with operations, marketing and resident care are supportive of the on-site management team and responsive to their needs as well as those of ownership.

I can highly recommend the team at ISL to bring the latest advancements in senior care, technology and critically needed support to your management team if your goal is to have a highly successful senior community.

B. SchilzManaging Partner

As a company that focuses on acquiring and repositioning underperforming senior communities, partnering with a strong operator is critical to our success. We’ve worked with ISL for over 5 years across numerous communities. We’ve always found ISL to be extremely professional, responsive to our requests, and proactive in their management approach. ISL has been strongly committed to help us achieve our business plans and reposition our communities to create a much more vibrant community for our residents. The ISL team continuously goes above and beyond to ensure success at our communities and treats each community as their own.

We believe that the success of a community depends on and starts with the employees at the community and the culture created by the operator. We’ve consistently found that ISL is able to create an exciting and happy environment for both our residents and on-site employees (while helping us achieve our financial goals as well). This has allowed ISL to attract and retain the best talent in the industry and we firmly believe this is a key component of having successful communities. Finding and retaining key employees is an industry wide challenge, but ISL has consistently demonstrated their ability to do so as a result of their reputation and culture.

M. SiemanAsset Manager

Our Mission

ISL is dedicated to the development and operation of senior living communities that create value for residents, employees and owners by providing quality senior care, a fulfilling work environment and targeted financial returns. We are passionate about senior care while providing an empowering environment that offers autonomy and personal growth.

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