Holiday Gift Ideas for the Senior in Your Life

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Senior in Your Life

Having trouble buying holiday gifts for people who’ve already had a full life of being naughty and nice? What can you give them that they haven’t already bought for themselves? We have a few ideas that will please the senior in your life.

The key to holiday gift giving for seniors is to remember what their individual needs and capabilities are at this moment in time, and also being practical yet thoughtful.

Holiday gift ideas for the senior in your life
Photos- frame a great family photo from the present, or find an old one and frame it.

An Outing- Give them a gift card to a favorite restaurant with a promise to take them at a later date after the holiday.

Days Gone By- We all love a little nostalgia and an easy way to take someone back in time is with a good movie. DVD collections are easy to find and easy to play.

Toys– yes a favorite toy or game from the seniors youth. Something along the lines of Lincoln Logs, Pick-Up Sticks, yo-yo or top, Hula Hoop, jigsaw puzzle, or games like Life, Scrabble or Monopoly. Seniors can invite the grandkids over to play.

Reading New Technology- E readers and tablets are getting more popular than every with seniors. They are not as complicated as computers, easy to use and travel easily.

Music New Technology- Seniors are like all of us, they respond to the music of their youth. Load a digital music player with songs from the era of their youth- and then show them how to use it. You will see a big smile on their face.

Go for a Drive- Many seniors don’t drive anymore, but have the desire to get out. Here is a great gift to give with little to no cost. Offer to take them for drives.

Hobby Basket- Sounds simple and it can be. Fill a basket with many of their favorite things- this way you are giving a big gift, with many little items. Some fun themes include:

Playing cards- cards, score pads, and of course snacks
Afternoon tea- tea, new cups and saucers, teapot, and cookies.
Sports- Book by a famous sports star, snacks to watch the game on TV and tickets for an in-town game.

Keeping Warm- Seniors can always use new blankets, slippers and robes to keep warm.

Help with the Bucket List- Help them answer a dream if asked “I’ve always wanted to ….” Ask them what’s on their list and help them make a wish or two come true.

And Time- The most valuable gift of all is the gift of your time.