How to have a fun summer while staying safe from coronavirus

How to have a fun summer while staying safe from coronavirus

As the weather begins to turn warmer and we move into summer, we’re thinking about new ways to have fun while staying safe. With COVID-19 sticking around, we must still follow recommendations by the CDC to stay safe while living a vibrant life.

Our first priority is keeping our residents and associates safe, but we also believe in the importance of allowing and encouraging our residents to engage with their friends and families. So, we’ve compiled a few things to think about when you’re making plans to visit your loved one this summer.

  1. Hold visits with your loved one outdoors while social distancing and wearing proper PPE. Recent studies show that transmission of COVID-19 may be less likely to occur outdoors than indoors.
  2. Bring along activities that can be done while social distancing, or while on different sides of a window. Some examples of this could be a window marker to play tic-tac-toe, a game of horseshoes or making art together!
  3. Continue to visit your loved one over Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. We encourage our residents’ friends and families to continue helping us keep our community safe, and this is one of the main ways you can help!
  4. Pack a picnic and enjoy it with family or friends while maintaining social distance. Sharing a meal is a great way to connect with people while staying safe.
  5. Get moving! Get outside! Enjoy a nice walk or a round of golf. Keep in mind your limitations, wear sunscreen, and drinks lots of water. The heat can be brutal in some areas, so limiting your time outdoors may be necessary.

Don’t see anything on this list that excites you? No worries – our amazing Vibrant Life® directors have tons of ideas and ways to keep you entertained and engaged. You can even make your own suggestions to bring the fun to you.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us keep our residents and associates safe over the past few months. We’re excited to continue ensuring that our residents live a vibrant life.