ISL Inspires

ISL Inspires

At ISL we are always looking at new ways to innovate. Staying true to our mission, we are excited to announce a new program called ISL Inspires. The premise behind it is to give back to our local communities in some way. For example, the corporate office recently put together goodie bags for sick children at a local children’s hospital in San Diego. This was a great way for us to bond together doing something charitable to benefit others and give back. Our plan is to do something at a minimum of twice a year together at the corporate office to benefit this children’s hospital. Collette Valentine, our CEO/COO and two corporate staff members, Derrica and Cassondra, went to deliver the goodie bags recently and they said it was absolutely heartwarming.

We are challenging all of our communities to do something similar in their own community, encouraging them to work together to find a common cause and activity to inspire them!

In addition we will start kicking off all of our annual meeting team building events with something that gives back to the local community that our meeting is held in each year. For example, for our next executive director meeting we will work with a local organization in San Antonio, Texas. We will do this for all annual meetings and bi-annual meetings we host moving forward.

We’re looking forward to seeing this program grow in the future as ISL continues to INSPIRE!