Many ISL communities offer Memory Care

Many ISL communities offer Memory Care

The month of November raises our awareness of Alzheimer’s as we celebrate National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month. Alzheimer’s disease is readily becoming an all to familiar term to millions of Americans. It is estimated that 5.2 million people in this country alone have been diagnosed with the disease, and as the population grows older so to the number of people it will affect. In fact, the number is expected to triple by mid-century. Fortunately when trends such as these are rising so do the resources. Today there is more information and support, providing a better understanding of the disease and how to live with it. One area in particular that is expanding is the development of new residential care programs designed for people afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia, called Memory Care.

At ISL, our memory care is something you can feel good about for many different reasons. At our communities that offer memory care, we encourage residents to participate in activities; enhance their joy, sense of accomplishment and satisfaction; and promotes their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

With specially designed and dedicated Alzheimer’s and memory care accommodations, memory care communities ensure the comfort and security of our residents. Often each resident room has a personal emergency call system that ensures help is just the touch of a button away. And our on-site resident care professionals are there to oversee the administration of medications, as well as other basic care needs.

Our memory care staff are dedicated to caring for each resident as an individual. We take the time to learn about your loved ones past life experiences, favorite activities, and daily routine. This enables us to encourage independence, support the resident’s strengths and capabilities, and assist them with their needs in a loving and dignified manner.

At ISL, we are constantly striving to find new and better ways to make life better for our residents who have Alzheimer’s disease. We look to ourselves to be more creative, compassionate and flexible, giving us the ability to move beyond traditional care and find breakthrough treatments that make a difference in resident’s daily lives. While there is no cure, significant strides have been made to better understand the disease and identify innovative treatments and programs that make a real difference.  We believe wonderful that we dedicate a month to help raise awareness of this disease because with awareness comes action and hopefully eventually a cure.