New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

With the arrival of a new year comes the opportunity to plan for the future and focus our energy on personal resolutions. Setting personal goals at the beginning of a new year is a wonderful way to inspire change in one’s life.

For seniors, it can be especially important to make resolutions that will provide a better quality of life both now and in the future. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Eat Healthy
    • The struggle for most people is making sure we make good food choices. Resolve to eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer fried and fatty foods. Go for fiber-rich foods like whole grain bread, brown rice and whole grain pasta. Choose healthy fats, such as olive and canola oils, and stay away from highly processed food. We developed our award-winning Dining by Design program to help ensure our residents have high-quality, freshly prepared meals each day.
  • Be Active
    • Staying active is critical for everyone, and especially as we age. Make a concerted effort to exercise daily. Going for a walk and participating in yoga or water aerobics are all great ways to stay limber, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your balance, posture and mood. Residents are offered fun daily activities to keep you living a vibrant life.
  • Routine Doctor Visits
    • Visiting your doctor regularly, not just when you get sick, is something everyone should do. Making sure any medications you’re taking are working properly, getting important screening tests for vision and hearing, and staying up-to-date on any immunizations are crucial to staying healthy. Our communities have highly trained staff to make sure you are receiving the proper medical care you need.
  • Check in More
    • Too often, seniors become isolated because of mobility issues. If you know someone who has trouble leaving their house, set dates to visit them throughout the year. Sometimes, just spending a few minutes with a friend or loved one can brighten their day.

We hope everyone makes at least one resolution for 2018 that will result in a positive change in their life. Happy New Year from all of us at Integral Senior Living!