No matter your age, each day is an opportunity to learn

No matter your age, each day is an opportunity to learn

Kids around the nation are beginning the annual back-to-school ritual this month. New books, new classes, new lessons to be learned. Even though many of us have aged out of worrying about school, that doesn’t mean we are not still learning. 

Particularly for seniors, it is important to understand that each day presents us with the opportunity to learn more and maintain mental health. Older adults may not be offered the same opportunities to learn as younger generations, but they can still process and retain new information. Senior learning is just another form of lifelong learning. 

There are many ways to prepare your brain for learning as you age. Any form of regular exercise can help keep your brain sharp, while socializing regularly and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can improve memory. According to WebMD, a study showed that older people who exercised and ate a healthy diet showed significant improvements in thinking and memory. Residents at ISL communities have access to our award-winning Vibrant Life® and Elevate® dining programs. These programs provide residents with countless activities to keep them involved and active, while also enjoying healthy, nutritious meals three times a day.  

As you age, your mind will continue to improve in certain areas simply because of the experience you have accumulated so far. Your verbal, problem-solving and visual-spatial skills will all improve and evolve as you get older. You will use more of your brain for certain tasks, and often it will be working better than ever before. 

What’s most important is to remember to challenge yourself and your mind as you continue to age. Attempt to understand different viewpoints, and try new hobbies.  

Cook a new recipe, engage with new technology, or participate in yoga and meditation. 

Never stop your pursuit of knowledge!