Oak Cottage honors resident with ‘This Is Your Life’ event

Oak Cottage honors resident with ‘This Is Your Life’ event

Through ISL’s This Is Your Life program, Oak Cottage Senior Living was recently able to honor longtime resident Dr. Christine Nyun-Han, who used to be a physician specializing in geriatrics and internal medicine.  

Despite being a retired resident herself, Dr. Nyun-Han loves using her medical skills and bedside manner to support other residents and staff. “Her knowledge and way of communicating are impressive,” said Felipe S. Garcia, senior Vibrant Life® director at Oak Cottage. “She proves that Alzheimer’s disease is not stronger than our passions in life.” 

Together with the rest of the staff, Garcia organized a day for Dr. Nyun-Han to relive her time as a practicing doctor. He gathered equipment such as a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope and a doctor’s coat, along with a medical profile of himself, the patient. Dr. Nyun-Han then performed a checkup on him, asking professional questions and ordering work done. Later, she was called into a meeting to present her findings and was honored with flowers, balloons and a card with messages of appreciation. 

“This was such an inspirational event for all of us, seeing how wonderfully she was doing while she was in her element again,” Garcia said.  

Dr. NyunHan
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