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At ISL we are always looking at new ways to innovate. Staying true to our mission, in 2015 we launched a new program called ISL Inspires. The premise behind it is to give back to our local communities in some way. Over the last year we have given back in our local community as well as the areas we visit for our annual meetings. This is a great way for us to bond together as a company doing something charitable to benefit others while giving back.

Integral Senior Living, and its ISL INSPIRES program, where we give back, is proud to partner with 4MOM Charity to help raise money to fight Alzheimer’s. A lot of hands have already joined in, and we’re looking forward to putting on events at ISL communities across the country to continue this important work. While there is always more that can be done to help the Alzheimer’s community, there is no doubt that this partnership will make a significant impact toward the first survivor of Alzheimer’s.

 Children’s Hospital

During an annual company picnic, the corporate team put together activity bags for the children at Rady’s Children’s Hospital. ISL donated a total of $1000 in items and corporate staff and our CEO/COO Collette Valentine hand delivered the bags to the hospital.

During ISL’s Executive Director conference in San Antonio Texas, items were donated to the local Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, a total of $1500 in items were donated to sick children.

During an annual company picnic, each of our corporate employees brought a toy which was donated to the to Ronald McDonald’s House in San Diego. A total of $1500 of stuffed animals, dolls, and toys were donated.

Troops Overseas

During a Directors of Sales and Marketing annual conference all wrote letters of thanks to our troops overseas. Along with the letters we sent a care package of items totaling $1500 to troops serving our country.

Women’s Shelter

Our Business Office Directors met in Las Vegas, Nevada. Care packages totaling $1500 were donated to The Shade Tree, a women’s shelter organization for infants, children and their mothers.

Louisiana Flood Victims

ISL Inspires chose to assist residents of Louisiana who were victims of the devastating flood. It was the worst US disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Thousands of people in Louisiana lost everything and help is needed, many did not imagine nor think they could become victims of a flood of this magnitude.

The check for $16,551.00 was presented to a representative of Samaritans Purse at ISL’s Executive Director meeting held in New Orleans.

Our Goal

ISL will continue our tradition of giving back at all of our upcoming conferences. We are also challenging all of our communities to do something similar in their own community, encouraging them to work together to find a common cause and activity to inspire them!

We’re looking forward to seeing this program grow in the future as ISL continues to INSPIRE!

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