R-E-S-P-I-T-E! Spells Relief!

R-E-S-P-I-T-E! Spells Relief!

Caregivers Can Plan Ahead for the Holiday Season and Make Time for Themselves

ISL Communities can help!

With a record number of senior adults staying in their homes longer, frequently older American’s are relying on family and friends for their care. In fact, millions of families provide unpaid care for seniors 60 or older, spending on average 20+ hours a week helping with ongoing home care. For these devoted caregivers, the holiday season can add additional stress; torn between the desire to travel or take extra time to spend with others, and the need to provide quality care for loved ones. But there is a solution that is often overlooked, it is called respite or short-term care. Respite care offers caregivers and families the opportunity to temporarily give some time back to themselves while their family member receives the care and services they need in a temporary, welcoming environment. Many Integral Senior Living communities offer respite care.

Respite care is a temporary, short-term stay. Think of it as a mini-vacation (3 – 30 days) for both the caregiver and senior who must have care. Respite services give caregivers that rare chance to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities. Often it is seniors who are providing care for their spouses. This is where a little respite care can make a huge difference. Taking that much-needed break to care for there own needs helps caregivers avoid burnout, stress and fatigue.

“We often see family members come to our communities exhausted and frustrated, reaching their breaking point. They need help and a break, sometimes to step back for a breath of fresh air,” said Collette Valentines CEO/COO of ISL . “Feelings of depression, frustration and isolation often become so overwhelming for the caregiver. Often they neglect their own health concerns and that is where respite care can help.”  

Respite stays can range from a few days to a few weeks.  And placing a loved one in a stay is easier than most families realize, in fact it can take less than 24 hours. All that is often required is a physician’s report, an assessment by the community and for the guest to bring his or her own pharmaceuticals with them.  The fee is based on needs, many starting at about  $150 a day. Compare that to a hotel stay and checking out a senior living community is a much better option, meals, 24-jour supervision, care needs (Assistance with daily living) is all included in respite.

There is evidence that the family caregiver who takes a break from the associated stresses is better able to provide quality care. The demands of providing care are much more than a physical demand.  It is often just as emotional taking care of a loved one.  To provide good care, the caregiver needs to allow time for themselves – it’s a tough round-the-clock, hands-on job.

Check out your local ISL community for more information about respite care services.