What to take with you when moving into an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community

Often we get asked, “what should I bring” when moving into a community like ours. While the decision of what to bring is of course personal, we do know from experience to start with the premise that you actually need very little when moving into an assisted living or memory care residence.

  • First and foremost people need less than they think. Most residents bring too much with them. Once here they realize how few items they actually need. And for those suffering from memory loss, too many items especially clothing options can confuse or frustrate the resident.
  • If furnishing your own apartment check to make certain that what you intend to bring will fit and is safe. Avoid furniture with sharp corners; chairs that are unstable and throw rugs, which can make a person easily, trip.
  • Leave your valuables with a trusted family member or friend.
  • Do bring a touch of home with you. Family photos, beloved trinkets and a few well-loved items will make your new residence feel like home with these in place.
  • Comfortable clothing is fashionable at our community. Bring clothes that you enjoy wearing and that you can move around in comfortably.
  • Please leave behind your over-the-counter medications or items with medications included in them.

Lastly we encourage new residents to stay busy, introduce themselves to the other residents and participate in our many activities. By doing so you’ll feel at home in your new community.