Tax Season is a Good Time to Talk Money

Tax Season is a Good Time to Talk Money

When it comes time to do taxes, it can also be a good time to start the conversation about money with the senior in your life. Discussions about their financial well-being are necessary but not easy. But tax time is an excellent time to open the dialogue — and perhaps an upside to this trying annual rite we experience each year.

Often seniors don’t want those younger than themselves involved in their finances, and conversely the younger adults don’t always want to know how much the senior has or what they’re doing with it which is understandable.

Yet tax season gives a natural opening to start the conversation. Money is an issue filled with emotion and not just for seniors. But take it slow and steady; give yourself time to talk to the senior in your life about their finances. Begin or continue the conversation sooner than later. It is an important task, and one that is best done when there is time and the ability to address the matter at hand.