The Proven Benefits of Senior Living

The Proven Benefits of Senior Living

At ISL, we prioritize the well-being of residents by creating a safe environment and meaningful experiences through our amenities, programs and expert care. We know older adults thrive in senior living communities, and now there is research to prove it.

A study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago found that older adults who live in senior housing communities live longer, receive more home health services, and benefit from greater rehabilitative and preventive care in the two years following move-in than those who do not.

Through six categories – mortality, days alive, days away from home due to adverse health events, days receiving home health care, preventive and rehabilitative health services days, and days on anti-psychotics – researchers tried to understand the impact of senior housing. They compared two groups of older adults: One was a group who moved into senior housing communities and resided there for two years or until their death; the other was a similar group of older adults who remained in their greater community.

These four conclusions were synthesized from the study:

  • Live longer: Senior living residents tend to live longer than older adults who stay at home.
  • Receive more home health care: Senior living residents have more access to the care they need, receiving more days of home health care services than older adults who stay at home.
  • Obtain more preventive and rehab services at home: Senior living residents receive more preventive and rehabilitative services than older adults who stay at home.
  • Spend less time on anti-psychotics: Senior living residents spend fewer days on anti-psychotics than older adults who stay at home.

This study also recognized the positive impact non-medical care and services like socialization, transportation, exercise, balanced nutrition and medication management have on a resident’s health. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service for our residents through all aspects of wellness.  Our Vibrant Life® and Elevate® dining programs promote the importance of a vibrant lifestyle through events and activities focused on services like socialization and nutrition. We believe in providing personalized care for each resident, from health needs to adventurous outings.

ISL continuously strives to create an environment that is fulfilling and enriching to both residents and associates. By embracing senior housing, individuals can enjoy a sense of belonging, security and well-being as they continue their journey through life.