This August Seniors Should Take Advantage of Summer

This August Seniors Should Take Advantage of Summer

August is a month in which summer is in full swing- a season that reminds adults of favorite childhood memories like outdoor picnics, long bike rides and visits with family and friends. Those good memories are carried in the hearts and minds of seniors everywhere, and many relish the season fondly. And now that the long, hot summer days are in full swing seniors should seize the moment.

We at Claremont Place would like to suggest some ideas to take advantage of the last month of summer with the seniors in your life.

  • Family get-togethers: The summertime is a good time to invite family over because you can use the outdoors as part of your entertaining space. Make it easy and ask everyone to bring a favorite dish.
  • Take a short trip. Find places to visit within your city or town, or in the near vicinity. Ideas include zoos, sculpture parks, museum grounds, ponds or lakes, marinas, beaches, community gardens or nurseries, hiking trails, shopping villages and downtown areas. Even a walk around a pretty neighborhood you don’t visit very often can provide surprising sightseeing opportunities.
  • Backyard Picnic: Everyone loves a picnic! Eating outside can make even a simple meal seem a welcome change of pace. But you don’t have to trek to a park, beach, or forest preserve; it’s just as fun and much easier to have one in your own backyard.
  • Summer Events: In the summer, many community centers, churches and others serving seniors offer a variety of special summertime events that are fun and easy to partake in. A good place to look for information for these events is in your local newspaper, the library, or you can search online for senior events in your city.
  • Walks: With warm weather and extended daylight, take a walk in the early to mid morning or around dinnertime.
  • Ice Cream: Buy a box or two of your favorite ice cream at the grocer or head out for this all American cold treat, it is truly one of life’s pleasures.
  • See, Smell and Touch: Choose a good summer book to read in the shade of the outdoors; buy toiletries in a favorite summer scent, like lavender, or strawberry and bring in flowers from the garden. Sounds simple- it is.