3 ways to show your heart some love this February

3 ways to show your heart some love this February

It’s February, which means love is in the air as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. It’s also American Heart Month, a time to reflect on our heart health and make conscious decisions to care for one of the most critical organs in our body. Here are three ways to show your heart some love this month. 

  1. Maintain a heart-healthy diet 

According to WebMD, a heart-healthy diet consists of foods low in unhealthy fats and salt, and high in nutrients. This month, try skipping the salty seasonings and experiment with fresh herbs, which bring flavor to your meal without raising sodium levels. Adding a good mix of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables to your diet can increase your heart health – and you may even find a new favorite dish in the meantime. 

Every ISL community resident has access to the award-winning Elevate® dining program, which provides nutritious meals without sacrificing flavor. 

  1. Get moving and reduce stress 

As the old saying goes, “You either use it or lose it.” The same goes for your heart. An active heart is a healthy heart, so incorporating activities that engage your heart is a great way to prevent heart disease. Try grabbing a friend and heading to a park. Studies show that going for a brisk nature walk not only gets the heart pumping, but also reduces stress that can be harmful to your heart. 

Another way to reduce stress, even when you can’t make it to the park, is to relax with a fun activity. Each of our senior living communities has Vibrant Life® activities built in, so each resident is sure to always have something fun and engaging to do right at home. 

  1. Don’t skip preventive care! 

Getting regular health checkups can help you monitor your cholesterol, blood sugar and more – all things that are important in heart health. Plus, that regular visit to your doctor will give you a chance to hear how some simple habit changes can make a drastic impact on your heart health and help you feel better than ever. 

When it comes to heart health, the best care is always prevention. 

This month and every month, we’re striving to help residents at communities all over the nation live healthier, more vibrant lives. Contact us and find out how you can fall in love with senior living!