Integral Senior Living offers nontraditional resolutions for seniors

Integral Senior Living offers nontraditional resolutions for seniors

Each time January rolls around, we take time to assess the past year and work harder toward our life
goals, one small step at a time. But New Year’s resolutions can be hard to decide on. Should you work on
your health? Your personal life?
Here are some nontraditional resolutions you could make:

  • Make a new friend – Friendships help us all stay connected and give us someone to spend time
    with. Friends can help us process emotions, engage us in thought-provoking conversations and
    make us laugh. When you really think about it, friendship helps us stay mentally and emotionally
  • Do a puzzle a day or find other ways engage your brain – Keeping your brain busy helps it stay
    healthy. A great goal is to strive to do something that really makes you think every day.
  • Learn something new – There are always new things we can learn, no matter how much we
    think we know. This is a great time to learn something you’ve always wanted to.
  • Write letters/keep a journal – Journaling can help you understand your thoughts and feelings
    more clearly and can improve your mental health. And who doesn’t love receiving a letter from
    a friend or loved one? Writing and receiving letters can be a great way to keep in touch and
    show someone that you’re thinking of them.

At Integral Senior Living, our New Year’s resolution is to continue to support and encourage our associates to the best of our
ability. This is something we’re always working toward, but it’s never a bad idea to begin pursuing
something with renewed passion at the beginning of the year.
So to start off 2020, this month we’re celebrating our Vibrant Life directors! This month includes
National Activity Professionals Week, which is observed in order to recognize the contributions made by
activity professionals in nursing homes, retirement communities and senior centers throughout the
nation. We are so thankful to have such amazing associates supporting us in our mission to help each of
our residents live a Vibrant Life.