Tips to keep life vibrant this fall

Tips to keep life vibrant this fall

The start of September means the beginning of all things fall-themed – pumpkin spice lattes, fall decorations, bonfires, corn mazes and of course slightly cooler weather. 

We all know that autumn will look a little different this year, especially for our friends and families in our senior living communities; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still make it fun. Our Vibrant Life® program makes it easy for residents to stay engaged, but we wanted to share some ideas for loved ones to join in on the fun. 

Here are just a few ideas for things you and your loved ones can do this season!

  • Decorate the outside of their window with leaves, pumpkins and messages telling them you love them. You can also send them a box of decorations they can use to decorate the inside of their apartment, or the outside of their door. 
  • Send a gift basket of fall-scented bath products or candles for your loved one to enjoy, or even just a nice card! 
  • Bring your loved one their favorite fall food. Whether it is pumpkin bread, butternut squash soup or candy corn, we know they would love a nice treat! Be sure to contact your executive director to inquire about COVID-19 visitation protocols.  
  • Surprise them with an autumn-themed Zoom call or drive-by, where all of their friends and family have gathered (in a safe way) to wish them a happy fall and remind them that you care. 
  • Send your loved one a fall-themed jigsaw puzzle or picture to paint for them to create and then display.

If you’d like more ideas on how to make those at our senior living communities feel loved, contact your community’s Vibrant Life® Director. They have continuously brought creative ideas to the table to help our residents stay safe and live vibrant lives.